Drive clone?

do I need a drive clone stand alone device to make a clone of my myCloud 4TB? I want to upgrade the drive to a Western digital RED

thanks guys.

Have you checked to see if a Red drive was already in the My Cloud enclosure? note opening the enclosure will probably invalidate the warrantee. There was a WD Red drive inside the 4T a family member bought.

The WD My Cloud includes a backup option called SafePoint which allows one to backup their My Cloud to an external USB drive or to another location on the network. I would suggest you take some time, if you haven’t already done so, and read through the WD My Cloud User Manual. It explains how to use Safepoint along with the other options and features of the My Cloud device.

how do i know if it is a red drive?

Well, unless it’s been opened and the drive changed, it will be a WD Red drive; that’s what WD put in WD MyCloud drives.

if you want to make sure, go to the Dashboard Help/Support and do a ‘Create and Save System Report’. Save it somewhere. Then open the zip file, go down into the report folder, and open the ‘smart_info’ with a text editor. The first few lines should contain:

Device Model: WDC WD40EFRX-68WT0N0

That’s for a 4TB drive.

thanks I never knew that feature was there i the little “?” looks like its a WD red.