Drive Brackets/Rails for WD Sharespace?

Hi all,

I have a 2TB WD Sharespace and I purchased 2 new WD RE3 drives to add to the device. However, the drives did not come with mounting brackets (or rails).

Anyone know where I can get mounting brackets that will fit the Sharespace? I’ve searched on WD’s website and online store and Googled for ages I couldn’t find any brackets listed.

On the side of the brackets in my Sharespace are the following numbers:

  • 42.65n07.xxxr

If WD doesn’t supply the brackets, do you know if I need a specific type of bracket?



You can purchase drive brackets through contacting our tech support.  However, WD has not certified any non-Green Power drive to function within the ShareSpace.  The reason why is that we only bundled a 90W adapter and our traditional 7,200 RPM drives typically draw around 30W of power whereas the Green Power ones only use 20W.

Hi WDJeremy,

Thanks for the reply.

The RE3’s I have are also low power with Read/Write power requirements being 8.40Watts:

I can’t order the drive brackets myself, they need to go through my organization’s purchasing department. Can you provide a part number that I can give them? If you don’t want to post it here, feel free to contact me directly.



The read/write power rating is only 8.4W but the spinup draw is 30.2W.  We don’t have a specific part number other than the name “WD ShareSpace drive rails”.

I just realized that I don’t have the RE3 drives, but WD Green drives, the WD Caviar Green drives in fact:

I’d confused the drives, with drives we have in our servers. I presume these will work OK? I’d plan to create an additonal 2TB RAID1 array on the device alongside the existing 1TB RAID1 array we have.


Generally, any Green Power family drive will work but we recommend using the same model drive for all drives within the enclosure for best results. 

I just called the tech support line to order the rails, and was told WD doesn’t sell them, and that any computer store has them. When pressed for a computer store that carries them, the rep said I should try ebay or B&H Photo. What gives?

The drive brackets do look proprietary. I tried a few different types of drive rails that I have and they were all too big. I was able to have them ordered over the phone from WD. I didn’t do it myself, someone from my ordering Dept ordered them.

You could phone again and maybe you’ll get a different agent who’ll be able to track down the brackets, or maybe WD stopped selling them which means you cannot add drives to the device.