Drive Bay 3 Fails every harddrive right out of the box after 1 hour

Anyone else have a unit that regularly drops a drive in one drive slot regarless of new/used/type of drive?

Make sure that the rubber “bumper” on the door is still there. It’s necessary to ensure the drive seats fully onto the backplane.

TonyPh12345 wrote:
Make sure that the rubber “bumper” on the door is still there. It’s necessary to ensure the drive seats fully onto the backplane.

Yup Rubber Check. Seated Check. 

Fails between 30-60 minutes regardless of drive that goes in slot. 

RMA it and pack your bags for ZFS bliss.

sgallant04 wrote:

RMA it and pack your bags for ZFS bliss.

And get ready to fork out twice as much money.

I am on my second unit (after RMA) with this problem.  First unit failed a known good drive in slot 3.  Second unit basically reports drive 3 removed twice a day (the unit is untouched) and then rebuilds the RAID 1 for 6 hours each time.

Not sure about RMA again, as the whole thing was a huge pain in the **bleep** to move my data from the first to the second unit because the Import Config doesn’t work, so I had to split the RAID in the first unit and recopy the data.  Had to do this will AllwaySync instead of FTP because FTP doesn’t time stamp the files correctly.

Also discovered that with 4 Seagate Barracuda drives installed the unit doesn’t have enough power to boot up, so I (luckily) had the second power supply from the second unit and was able to get it to boot up with both supplies attached.  But I assume that means I need to spend another $100 to buy the second PS or else I will never be able to spin up again after a power failure.

I guess I will call and see if they will do anything for me.  If I had any reason to believe this was just SW I can see sticking it out for a few months for better firmware, but now I am not optimistic.

A quick update … I think this problem has been solved, at least for me.  After 2 EX4s saw the same problem I took a deeper look at the drives themselves.

In the original unit I started with 2 new Barracuda 3 TB drives RAID 1 and copied all my files off of an old 2-bay NAS.  All is well.  The problem occurred when I put the pair of Barracuda 1.5 TB drives from my original NAS into slot 3 and 4.  Slot 3 failed and slot 4 was fine.  I swapped the drives and slot 3 failed with the other 1.5 TB drive as well.  So I went to RMA.

Second EX4, I put the pair of 1.5 TB drives in slot 3 and 4 RAID 1 and appeared OK at first, but then within 24 hours i saw two “drive 3 failed” events and 6 hour rebuilds.  Again next day.  Again.  Etc.  Pulled and reseated, never detected.  Pulled and reseated again.  No joy.

So I pulled the 1.5 TB drive out of slot 3 and put in another drive (Barracuda 2 TB) that I borrowed from another PC.  The 2 TB was detected immediately, and no NAS rebuild (after the first one) for 48 hours.

My conclusion … there is a design issue with slot 3 where it is more sensitive to pin connections on specific drives, and my 1.5 TB drives (both Barracudas, ~3 years old, the same lot) have the same connection/PCB mechanics, so they both exhibit the same behavior in slot 3.  Slot 4 does not appear to have this same issue.  As it turns out the Barracudas are on the Whitelist but NOT the 1.5 TB, so maybe WD knew this all along and I should have paid more attention.

So I bought a new drive that IS on the whitelist to use in Slot 3.  It gets here next week, we’ll see how it goes.

Got the new drive and it works great in slot 3.

This is currently undergoing investigation.


Don’t worry I’m on my 3rd RMA too before I got most of the stuff to work correctly. After messing with the unit I finally got the import configuration to work too.

After moving my drives and data between the units during each RMA I noticed a pattern with the drives. Even tho the manual says to insert drives one at a time until the blue system LED is steadily lit I’ve found the opposite to be true. It may work differently depending on the RAID level you are using. For a RAID 0 or 5 inserting drives one at a time may be fine but if you are using RAID 1 or RAID 10 you should insert both drives in bays 1&2 at the same time and wait a bit before inserting bays 3&4 at the same time. It’s like it has to have the complete mirror inserted at once or else it causes drive issues. Not sure why but I had issues with my drive in bay 3 on my 1st unit until I realized this.

After two RMA’s , additional investment in new WD NAS2 drives, and countless hours of RAID rebuilds. I’m done. WD support has been great but the product is flawed. I was out of the country and my RAID degraded on restart. I can’t trust this hardware with my life’s work. I’ve moved on.