Drive backup stops when laptop is sleeping. Computer wakes up but the drive doesn't

I have the WD My Book Live; if I move or shutdown my laptop it disconnects the smartware and won’t continue automatic back up. Why, what can I do? I have Windows 8 64-bit operating system. All drivers are up to date. New router installed recently. Drive worked great unil I put the computer to sleep for a few hours.

Sleep means it goes into standby mode due to inactivity. So as soon as the PC goes to sleep, all processes are killed. Now, if you were running a backup, it might or might not restart (99% chance) where it left off, it all depends on the software. Wanna see it live? Start downloading a big internet file, in the middle of it, set the PC to sleep and see if it continues once you bring it back on.

Now in your case, when laptop goes to sleep, a few minutes later, due to inactivity, the MBL will also go into sleep mode. When laptop is back on, since it is not restarting the backup, MBL will not wake up until it is accessed. Which you can do manually.

Now, in your case, do NOT move/shutdown the laptop since you are doing it manually. Most systems will not go into sleep mode if something is running, such as backups/copy/move/stream, for the same reason that they cannot recover.

How do I manually access the drive. I can’t find it on my network.