Drive B on Mybookworld failure having trouble re-mounting with XP

My 1TB drive B failed and read many posts concerning recovering data.  I thought I finally found a solution when I downloaded Easeus free addition.  I mounted my drive B on a windows XP computer and ran the program.  The data appeared.  It took 5 hours to see all the files.  When I was finished, it said i needed to upgrade to the Easus Pro to retrieve the data, which i did.  When I rebooted the computer to try to re-run the program, I am now receiving a error 106 or error 109 and the computer will not boot in xp.  I tried on a different (XP) computer and to just mount as a slave sata drive and received another error.  I used to be able to make it a slave and see the drive was their but couldn’t retrieve the data ( because it’s linux os) but saw it with the Easeus tool.  Any and all help!!!