Drive Always Sleeps - Please help before I return this product!

I have a “6TB My Book Studio II”

I am using it as a media storage device hanging off of my Apple router. I have home sharing turned on and when the drive is awake I am able to play files through my iPhone, Mac, iPad, or AppleTV. The problem is that the drive goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity. My “WD My Passport” drive never had that issue. I have to manually goto my Mac and then double click on the drive to wake it up before each use, which makes it pointless to have it hanging off my router if I have to wake it up every time I want to access it.

I would also like to note due to it being connected to my Apple router I cannot always get it to awake through accessing it in the Finder window or tapping the power button. 

How can I keep this drive from always sleeping? I am considering very highly of returning this product and going with LaCie.

The thing is that the MBS is not a network drive, it is supposed to be connected to your computer. So your router is one that is not allowing you to wake it up through the network. Check the router configuration page and check if you have any options for the USB connected hard drives, or check the link below for the steps to connect it to your Mac and share it from there.

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Thank you. Can you help answer a couple other questions. How long after inactivity does the drive sleep? Also how do you turn it off? I’ve tried to hit the power button but the light still flashes after every 4 seconds

Don’t know exactly for the MBS, but for the WD hard drives I have tried take 10 minutes, if the power button is not working install the Mac drivers, check the link below for that.