Drive about to die? Advice?

It seems like accessing files creates a louder noise than usual and seems to make my PC stutter a bit more than it did in the past, which prompted me to run speed fan’s test. The noise may very well likely be the fact that all of my fans are now turned down because it is no longer summer, but I do think I notice some stuttering.

This prompted me to run Speed Fan’s SMART test. This time the results were different and it is worrying me:


Until recently, everything was the same accept for the Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count, which used to be at “Very Good”. Likewise, fitness used to be at 94%, now it is at 0%. I recently scanned with HD tune and no bad sectors showed up though…  that was a few days ago.

The HDD is about 2 1/2  years old and is OEM.  And if it is indeed failing and I request an advanced replacement, is there any program that can copy my Windows install, files and folders onto a replacement drive? I believe it is called “cloning” software. I understand I’ll have to call MS to reactivate my Win 7, but can it even be done reliably?

Thanks for reading.

Looks like I can not edit my post, so here is the correct link with my drive type and Speed Fan results:

You can use Shadow Copy, is free and really good. Check the link below:

I can’t see how one single, solitary, uncorrectable sector would prompt a “critical” warning.

In fact immediately below the SMART data is a statement to the effect that all the attributes have normal values. “This is good”, the author says.

Yet, two paragraphs later, the author states that the drive’s “fitness” is 0%.

With respect to the author, I think s/he should stick to reporting fan speeds and allow the SMART data to speak for themselves. In fact IMHO either of the following utilities are much better for SMART purposes.

HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

HDDScan for Windows: