Drive A failed to mount corrupt partition


I moved to a new location when i pluggen up MBLD the red light came on went into the UI and the alert says failed to mount and storage says drive a failed. This is a Spanning MBLD. I went to take it to the local data recovery store in my area and they looked at it and said the data can be recovered it would cost 500. I said ok and left it there. an hour later they called and said it was misquoted and it would be .2500. I said no and went and got it back. I did some research online about recovering lost data so i took both drives out of the enclosure and plugged them to my computer. all the recovery programs i used displays drive B fine with the partitions. but not drive A
UFS explorer reads Drive 3(which is drive B) fine but drive A just shows MyBookLiveDuo:2 and a raw partition with no sectors.

R-Linux reads Drive B fine. But Drive as hdd size negative -1 and sector size as 512 bytes

Finally Diskinternal had the most promising as it read Drive as 2047.99gb

But after running the program for a day it did not find anything the progress bar didnt move past 0%. I know since the data recovery place said that it can be recovered that it can be but im lost on how because i dont have 2500 to spend on this. can anyone help on how to fix it or recover the data myself


See if the following link helps to get more information about data recovery services.

looking for ways to recover the data myself