Drive 3 going bad, how to replace?

I’m running an EX4 with 4 drives in RAID5 configuration. I got a warning today that Drive 3 is bad. I’ve ordered a new drive (same type, size) to replace it but was wondering what the procedure is?

My plan:
Power down the EX4
Pull the bad drive 3 out
Install the new drive into bay 3
Power on EX4

I’m assuming EX4 will just rebuild the RAID5 array automatically or do I need to do something else?

Cheers, Rob.

I would like to say you replace the drive and let it go, it will rebuild. Except that in most cases ive had its not as automatic or seamless as you like. Make sure you have the latest release of support software. Do not touch any other drive bays, I have found this to be problematic. Deal with one drive at a time. In dashboard you should be able to watch the rebuild status. Depending on RAID and content can take a long long while. Days. At some point may become unresponsive, hard to explain but you can tell a bit from watching status and progress hopefully. Do not restart unless you absolutely are convinced its stalled - and if you are lucky this wont be the case. I also found I had to reboot at least a couple of times after the rebuild to eliminate the warning lights etc. And be prepared this will probably happen again, Drive 3 seems to list many occurrences and Ive had this occur on both my 4100s.