Drag drop duplicates files

I am using a Mac OS Catalina and logged in using the finder in WD my cloud.

I am dragging files from WD into another folder on the WD

Heres my issue, I noticed the files are duplicated.
Is this normal ?

@anon59787009 I’m not sure of what you are saying, where are they duplicated? If you copy and move (paste) from one folder to another then both folders would have a copy ( Folder of origin has original file while the folder you moved it to has a copy of the file). If you cut and paste then the original folder the file was in would not have the file any longer, only the folder you moved it to would have the file.

Hi Cat,

Not understanding where you get copy paste from as an idea ?

I written “I am dragging files from WD into another folder on the WD”

Might be you do not use a Mac ?
The method. common to use is drag a file from a folder and into another folder.

This would then mean the file is no longer in that folder.

I tried this on the WD my cloud over wi fi. All that happens is it duplicates the files - maybe this is normal in pc world ?

@anon59787009 Yes, its been a while since I used an Apple computer. My old Macintosh is in storage, still works, just not used.

See if this will help, I found it in a Google search.

Cut and paste would remove the file from the folder.

I am using a Windows computer but when I open my WD My Cloud and want to drag and drop a file, below is what I get. It copies the file to the other Share and folder, it does not remove it from my other share. Cut and Paste would remove it.


Thank you for taking the time and showing screen grabs Cat.

I think it safe to say WD my cloud over wifi probably does not support drag and drop.

Just bouncing ideas around here, work flow, you may have a much better ideas.

The reason I drag and drop is.
App WD if I wish to move files the method very not thought out at the developers side. (Maybe a different experience using android / PC ?)

WD app has not been developed to split screen on a tablet.

I have named a folder called TANK inside root of WD.
I put all here and later using the laptop re name the files with suitable names.

Then place these into their preferred folders.
I am sure I used drag and drop before recent updates and it was supported. (As now it duplicates files)

One other question how do you Cat edit WD my cloud devices ? please.

Local over LAN or is it WAN 33

It would appear that is normal operating procedure as one isn’t “moving” the file from one location to another, rather they are copying the file from one location to another. Not sure about Catalina but under older Mac OS’s if one holds down the Command Key while dragging and dropping files I believe it would move the files rather than copy them from one location to another.

On Windows if one holds down the Shift key while dragging and dropping from one location to another on the My Cloud the file is moved and not copied.

Thank you Bennor,
I give it a try once it decides to reconnect.
Off and on as and when it decides to connect.

Ps I dragged a file just now from a folder onto Mac desktop.
File is no longer in the folder and is now on the desktop top.
I give your idea a go once I have connection :slight_smile:
As my friend said if computers were cars you never use them.