Drag and Drop

I have plugged in my book to my PC and everything seems to be working correctlly other then that I don’t think I want it to work correctally. is there a way to set up my hard drive to souly be drag and drop of just the things that I want to back up?

Ps sorry if this question has already been answered on the forum

cheers Waylon Diablo

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Okay I figured this out.  it created two folders under my computer… one to the software one to the files… sorry bout this stupid question… but maybe leaving it up here will help in the future

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Do you have the My Book Essential? Inside my folder for the files under My Computer, it has a text file saying that this directory is being used as an Autobackup File Store, and “MODIFYING OR DELETING ANYTHING IN HERE WILL CAUSE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO YOUR BACKUPS.  DON’T DO IT!”    Did yours have one of those?