Drag and drop files - will it still save previous TM backups?

Hi all,

Been using my WD 500G Passport for total Time Machine backups, happy with it so far.

I’ve read on here that I can use the drag and drop function for individual files without needing to install the software, so that’s good. I want to just back up my music files and some films, separately and not as part of a Time Machine back up. My question is: if I drag and drop these files, will it affect the previous and subsequent backups of Time Machine? In other words, is it okay to store both full TM backups and individual files simultaneously?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t do it.  TM tends to take over the drive, and it might affect your ability to restore those backups.

Okay, I’ll leave it then. Thanks Bill :slight_smile: