Downloading via WD My Cloud link fail


I have WD MyCloud 3TB. I liked the option of sharing stuff via WD My Cloud application ( links). I have set password to my Cloud (so no one in the network would change stuff) and now those generated links don’t work at all.

I just get error cannot connect to the server in the browser. Any ideas what could I do? I had this issue on latest and previous firmwares.

Not to be stupid, but you are sure “Cloud Access” is active?

I had this isssue once before and I had to turn “Off” and “On” cloud access several times before it seemed to work again. Once you do get it working the links will probably have to be recreated, at least it did for me.

If remote access and cloud access is enabled try first uninstalling the WD my cloud apps… all of them!

If you encounter an issue unistalling one of the apps follow Reny72 solution found here:  link

Essentially using a windows uninstaller. 

I had a similar issue and found that uninstalling the WD my cloud apps and then reinstalling them helped. 

let me know if it works for you and kudos would be appreciate if it does. :)