Downloading URL's

Hi, I work with a lot of Graphix and often I am given a url which will download a large image… This download can take hours. is there a way I could get my my cloud ultra do do it in the background?


How fast is your download speed from your ISP? Is your ultra on OS3? Have you checked the sub-forum for your device?

Speed is dependent on several factors. Among them are:

  • Size of the file.
  • Broadband speed at end point of download.
  • Broadband speed at point of upload.
  • The internal local network speed of your computer or device.
  • The internal local network speed of the My Cloud device on it’s local network.
  • Any network congestion between any of those points.
  • Speed of the hard drive or storage device uploading or download the file(s).

Best one can do is use the fastest network/broadband speed they can get. This includes having Gigabit support between the My Cloud and network router/gateway. And generally avoiding using WiFi, instead use wired Gigabit Ethernet wired connection on the download computer/device end. It is generally best to have the My Cloud connected directly to the network router/gateway and not to any sort of “power line” network extender or mesh network nodes.

My ISP speed is the max I can get…talking about that isn’t helpful…i need a URL downloader…I’m currently downloading via my pc onto the Nas…I would like to be able to let the Nas do it it’s self and let it run whilst I get on with other things

What firmware version is your EX2 Ultra running? OS5 (v5.x firmware) or OS3 (v2.x firmware)?

If one is running the older OS3 firmware there was an installable 3rd party app called HTTP Downloads App that could be setup to download from a URL. However the HTTP Downloads App IS NOT supported by OS5.

My Cloud OS 3: Configure HTTP Downloads App

If using OS5 v5.x firmware then search through or post in the dedicated OS5 subforum for the EX Series of devices as this subforum deals with OS3 devices and firmware. One may have to see if any OS5 3rd party apps support URL downloading. Don’t know if Transmission app (a Bittorrent client) or the FTP Download app has the capability.

My Cloud OS 5: 3rd Party Apps Matrix

Otherwise one may have to go the Docker route (install Docker to the My Cloud OS5 device) or use Wget from SSH command line. For example if one searches the EX Series subforum for HTTP Downloads App they’ll find several posts including the following:

(Solved using jDownloader) HTTP download - my solution inside