Downloading to iPad 3

I have files on my My Book Live Duo and I have WD2Go on my iPad which allows me to download my files but it seems like it keeps it within the app.I need to be able to download and move it to another location that I can access via other applications (i.e. email, video, etc.).Any ideas how I can do that? Thank you in advance!


Use the “Open With…” action button.

appreciate the response! Not sure I follow though! I’m trying to copy a ‘.avi’ file from My Book Live Duo t my iPad 4 so I can open it with viPlayer so I can watch movies while I’m traveling without havng to remote into My Book. Not familiar with the ‘open wth’ on the iPad.

Got it! Thank you very much :wink: I guess the content will be available offline, say on a plane?