Downloading to Android SD Card

Hi guys, I’m new to Android so this might be a noob question, but how do I view video files once I’ve downloaded them to my Android phone?

I’ve got an LG G3, and I’m going into the MyCloud App, selecting my video and chooing “Save to SD Card”. It looks like it’s downloading (there’s an animated arrow next to the video), but where is it stored? How do I view it on my phone?

You answered the first part yourself, you said you put it on your SD Card.

Next you will need to find and install a app that will play the type movie you have. What format is it in, .mov, .avi etc.?

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cat0w (USA)

The video is mp4 but i’ll want to view mkv’s as well. I’ve got mx player installed but i cant see the video there, can you recommend another program?

Found it! Just had to use file explorer to move it to the external sd card, then mx player picked it up