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I am currently using a WD Cloud 2tb device. At the start is was fine but now I am having issues all the time when I download to it. The first problem is when I download to the device I get error message saying something about the device can not be found and when I try to locate it again it doesnt let me. And when i am able to download something to it. I can not always stream it. It starts to play and then stops and starts and then stops. Then an error message is displayed on the tv that the it can not connect to the device. Is there any help or is this device just rubbish. I always buy WD products but I this one might be the last.


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Depressed Guy

You need to provide more details other than complaining!!!


Are you using Windows or Apple devices? Are they desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones etc. How is everything connected? What brand of router do you have? Have you set up everything in the Dashboard? Tell more about your TV. Have you looked at and read the User Manual?


The more details you provide the better chance of someone actually being able to help you.


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cat0w (USA)


I am using a windows laptop and I have a sony bravia smart tv. I am not that technical so the about info would be limited due to this reason.

According to your first post you bought a WD My Cloud 2 TB, brought it home or wherever you set it up, got it setup and it was working fine, but you can’t tell us anything about how it is setup. I suggest you watch this and maybe it will help. Be sure to click on the tab, My Cloud │ How it works.


To find out more about your laptop click on Start then right click on Computer or My Computer and click on Properties.


I hope you downloaded the User Manual too with the link I provided in my first post. Read it and it should help you learn about the My Cloud.


You may want to check out my blog too.


As for your TV you need to read the User Manual for it. If you don’t have one use Google and do a search for your Sony TV Model and look for the User Manual.


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cat0w (USA)