Downloading software issue

When I try to download the WD SSD Dashboard software it says download aborted. I have no other WD software in my files

Same here , tried on 3 different PCs running updated Windows 10 64 bit.

I have recently downloaded other software like Asus aura and Corsair icue with no problems

+1 for me. I too could download the WD dashboard installer and when running the installer it says “Download Aborted”

WD - do something - this is a very basic facility to be made available

See this thread: WD SSD Dashboard Missing File

Just more people with similar issues.

There was an issue with the server. It should be corrected now. Please discard WesternDigitalSSDDashboardSetup.exe and download a new one. If you have a cache, please clear it so you don’t get the same file back again. Thanks.

Be aware: WD did not fix their server for this in the Downloads section for at least my WD SSD product, as it still has v2.4.0. You have to go to the top of a WD website page, select “Downloads” --> “WD Software” --> "Software for “Windows” and then expand “WWD SSD Dashboard” to find the v2.5.0. Ie, not in the place you would typically expect to find it.

I am still having no luck even after clearing cache on browser I still only get the 174kb file.

WD, Perhaps you should consider some checks on your software before you post it on your website and also make the release version part of the file name for easier version control and to rule out issues caused by using the same name file.

I am in the UK also should you use different servers for that part of the planet.