Downloading slingplayer

any thoughts on why slingplayer loads about 80% and then freezes? I used it on a different TV and internet connection previously and everything worked as advertised. everything seems to be working fine on this setup, with the exception of the sling player. it’s WDTV Live with the latest updates and an ethernet connecyion

Try resetting online services 

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How do you reset internet services?  Pressing the reset  button on the bottom?  If so, I did that and I also reset it manually.  Both did not fix anything.  I’m having the same problem with Slingplayer as everyone else is seeming to have.

sturm wrote:

 I’m having the same problem with Slingplayer as everyone else is seeming to have.

Really?   As far as I’ve noticed, no one else has reported this… (Could be wrong, though, but a quick search also shows that no one has reported it in the issue exchange…)

I can get it to load now about 75% of the time. If it freezes i just kill the power  and start all over usually works 2nd or 3rd shot. I’m stiil not pleased about the video freezing while the audio continues. hopefully this will be addressed and rectified in the future