Downloading or streaming

I’ve noticed that when I’m in a remote location, if I want to view a file (on My Cloud) on my Windows machine, I have to download it which can take an hour or more. If I want to view the same file on my iphone it’s practically instantaneous–even movies. The twonky server appears to be the only way to view (download) files using Windows but that seems like very antiquated software for a Microsoft application (third party I know). Does twonky allow you to delelte or move files–I can’t find that if it exists. The WD My Cloud app on my Mac allows you to do these things and to drag and drop. Is that not possible in the Windows universe?

When at a location other than my home network, I use an iPad and the My Cloud app on it to stream videos from the MC NAS. Works great. I never set up or use the PC app , because of comments I have read at this forum like yours regarding streaming to it from a remote location – files have to be downloaded as you said, it seems. Kind of stupid, and a poor solution.

If you want to stream movies from the NAS under this condition, my advice is to skip using the Win PC and get a tablet for doing so. I don’t even travel with a laptop anymore; I just use a tablet/phone.

Thanks. Good advice. Disappointing though.