Downloading Netflix WD Livehub

I am using WD Live hub in India for last 2 years or so. Netflix app does not appear in Services>Movies and TV or any other category on my Live Hub. Possibly casue Netflix was not available in India till some days back, But now it is.
How can I down load the Netflix app on WD live Hub or Will I get the update online…?
Netflix on WD live hub in India …

Hi there,

The Netflix service on this WD device is only available in US and Canada, if you use the WD TV live Streaming Media player I believe you can use it.

Hi thanks for the reply. But From Jan 6 it has made available in 130 countries. Pasting the link here
So it will be very helpful if I get the link or update to watch Netflix in India from WD Livehub…Ain’t it…?
Hence this request …

I understand that the service is available in more counties, but i mean Netflix on this specific device only works in US and Canada. In order for it to work on more countries it is better to try a WD TV Live Streaming unit.

Well Friend ! Shall be difficult to purchase WD TV Live Streaming Unit for NetFlix. Wd Livehub has so many other TV Options, Thought my request for Netflix app can be accommodated…

Thought my request for Netflix app can be accommodated

No, because the Netflix Region Encryption was built into the Live Hub’s hardware when it was released 6 Years ago in 2010.

Looks like you have to use the Netflix App on a “Device” which is probably coded to your region.

How can I watch the content?
It is best to watch on the television, provided your screen is smart or is yoked to an Android box or Apple TV. Alternatively, you can use Chromecast as the Netflix apps is supported by the streaming dongle. You can watch the shows on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, or use a MHL or HDMI cable to mirror this on your television.