Downloading from web portal to laptop

How do you save photos from the my cloud home desktop web portal to a laptop or hard drive.
They seem to download as Live Photos and can’t be saved as a standard jpeg.

When downloading the only way to get them as a jpeg is to pay to convert them. Is there any other way?


Have you looked at the User Manual?

Have you checked the Knowledge Base?

The user manual does not show how to take files “from” the device and save them to another hard drive.

The main issue being that they transfer as Live Photos when moving individually

Live photo support is only on the iOS My Cloud Home app, playable ‘Live’ on the mobile device itself and NOT present on the My Cloud Home synced copies where the photos are just JPEG files.

If you can show otherwise for the ‘Live photo’ files with metadata and accompanying video on the MCH, please take a screenshot and post it.

WDC has not indicated that Live Photo support exists outside of iOS:

Live photo support on iOS

Play your Live Photos directly from the My Cloud Home iOS app.