Downloading all files to wipe the drive

How do I pull everything off of the WD MyCloud drive? It won’t let me download anything inside of the app, and the USB port is only for attaching additional drives. 

If you simply want to backup the files/data you’ve copied to the WD My Cloud you can use either Windows Explorer on Windows PC’s or Finder on Macintosh PC’s and copy the files from the WD My Cloud to the local PC. Keep in mind you’ll need to have enough available space on the local computer to copy all the files over. Make sure to connect the computer via Ethernet to do the backup as it will generally be faster than trying to copy or backup over WiFi.

A few other options. Connect an external USB drive to the computer and copy the contents from the WD My Cloud to the external drive again using either Windows Explorer or Finder. Or use the SafePoint backup feature of the WD My Cloud to backup the My Cloud to either an external USB drive connected to the WD My Cloud’s USB port or use another NAS or computer on the local network that the SafePoint module can access to perform the backup. In all cases you have to have enough spare space for the contents you want to copy over or back up from the WD My Cloud.

One could even copy their My Cloud drive contents to some place like Dropbox using their computer but as with copying/backing up locally one would have to have enough Dropbox storage space  to accommodate the Wd My Cloud contents.