DOwnload WDsync incon for mac

I can manage to find the WDsync to download the icon on my Mac??

Do you only want an icon, or do you want the app?

Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support (

Looking at the system set up application in you tube, it seems that I need the WD app to make it easier to transfer files from computer to my cloud . Right now I got on my iphone my cloud O5 . Am new at it sorry for possible to sound not too IT ;)) thanks for help :))

WD Sync is no longer used or supported, one should use Goodsync for Windows/Mac instead. Goodsync can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the My Cloud Support page for one’s My Cloud unit.

WD Sync End of Support

GoodSync Free and Premium for WD My Cloud

To copy files back and forth from a Mac to a local network My Cloud one can use Mac Finder to access their My Cloud (or any other network attached storage device) to access or copy to/from files on the My Cloud. One can make things easier by “mapping” a My Cloud Share to their Mac for easier access.

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac

B ennor, thanks a million you resolved my downloading for my pictures in my Mac much faster than from my phone, hopefully all get download and after be just an update. Thanks again greatly appreciated! Francois :pray: :pray: :pray: