Download speeds suddenly slower than a turtle tied to a tree?

Hey all, please forgive my lack of technical jargon (Jim, I’m a photographer, not an IT tech!), but I’m having some issues with my Cloud, and I’m at my wits end -

I recently purchased a new cloud that is Plex compatible, and have been working on the slow process of transferring all of my files from the WD cloud to the new one. Suddenly, my WD cloud is downloading at a painfully slow rate. Light on the front of the cloud is solid blue, the lights on the back are yellow with blinking green, although the ethernet light on my router is green (indicating a gigabit connection, not the 10/100 that the cloud indicates). It is insanely slow. I don’t know how to check the actual speed, but by watching the numbers on the progress bar and eyeballing a clock I’d day it’s around 1mb/2.5seconds, whereas in the past a 1.5GB movie would maybe take a few minutes to transfer.

The only thing that has changed since the last time I used this cloud is that I got a new router from my cable company (Time Warner/Spectrum for those of us in the USA). The router works perfectly with all my other devices (Seagate Cloud, FireTV, hardwired laptop).

I have rebooted everything, I have tried swapping ethernet cables around, but nothing I have tried seems to be fixing my problem.


Since you’re transferring a large number of files a reset is not ideal. I’d recommend testing if there’s a negotiation issue between the new router and this particular unit by exchanging the port it’s using.

My suspicion is that your new router is assigning a 10Mbps link, due to a failure of link rate auto-negotiation.

Try putting an Ethernet switch between router and MyCloud.