Download folders with content and play next track, pls

Hi there. I bought the WD MyCloud device and it’ really nice. But two annoying bugs (features?) of ios app makes it almost useless for me.

  1. it doesn’t play next track when ios device is locked. How should I listen to my music, with screen is always on? That’s absolutely not a model of i-devices usage as players
  2. ok, probably I should download my music to i-device and listen it locally. Let’s try. Oupsss. It doesn’t download folders with content. I wanna listen dozens of audio files and I cannot structure them by folders! What’s happening? Why did I buy the WD MyCloud hardware since I cannot use in as remote player?

Sorry… I am software developer and I know that these bugs are VERY easy to fix. Why not to do it, guys from WD? :wink: Thanks

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Thank you for the feedback, you can try and post this suggestions on our ideas board. Try this link to go there:


I know what you mean, and I have been telling WD (directly) for months about this issue  I recently began using My Cloud app with my new My Passport Wireless.  What really bothers me is that this is NOT an issue witn Seagate’s similar app for their wireless drives (I have one of their drives, too.) In addition to this bug, the Seagate app also can play from m3u PLAYLISTS that I place on their drive – the MPW cannot.  As nice as the MPW drive is, these lack of features (for music fans) makes it hard to recomment MPW over the Seagate models that are more music-friendly.

Guys, thanks for your answers! Is there any way to push WD developers somehow? :slight_smile: You know I work for a huge hardware\software corporation (no names, pls :)) and we take into account every single bug report from every single customer, even a student of university. And every external customer’s bug is considered as high priority one or even showstopper. And of course I expect that other companies do the same, but… :frowning:

OK, just to clarify. The not-playing-next-track issue when my iPad (gen 3) or iphone 5c go into auto-lock mode, is when the problem appears…  When I tap the screen, the next track will start playing, usually.  So, as much as I want auto-lock to be a shorter time, I have it now set for 3 minutes which helps, and I can go to 5 minutes, but I do not want the screen glowing that long and running down battery, etc. 

BTW, the Android version of My Cloud does NOT have this issue.  I know because I use the Android version on my Kindle tablets.  The issue is with the iOS version only,

My best solution until fixed is to not use the My Cloud app for music on the MPW.  I use another music-playing app (I prefer the not-free version of FileBrowser – a well done app.)

My suggestion is to contact WD support by phone.  You will first be in Level1 support.  They are useless for this issue so insist on your being bumped to Level 2 support right away.  If they can’t help ask to go to next level and ask that a manager of the MPW contact you. I will do the same early this week, too.  We both need to check the new My Cloud app release of the other day to see it the bug is still there.  Anyone want to make a bet?

Better yet, I just still use my Seagate wireless drive and app to avoid this issue, and in addition it can play the m3u playlists I have on the drive. (Not everyone has this choice, I know.) 

SO, COME ON WD, FIX THIS ISSUE, AND ADD A PLAYLIST FEATURE.  YOU ARE LETTING SEAGATE BEAT-YOUR-BUTT BADLY HERE.  We are not the only people who have discovered this sloppy glitch.

FYI, the latest My Cloud app did not fix this bug.

We have passed along this information to Support.

Thanks, Trancer!

I have been contacted by Support on this issue, so let’s XX our fingers it finally gets fixed.  BTW I noticed there was yet another update of iOS 8 – v8.1.2.  Installed it, and this issue continues to exist.

Thanks, man! Let’s wait.