Download files from Ex2 to Tablet external SD card

Hi all

I have tried to research this issue before posting but am not sure of the definitive answer.
I have a EX2 NAS which is great and I would like to download some files from the NAS to my tablet via the MYCloud app.
When trying to do so, I would like to use the Tablets External SD card as opposed to the internal memory due to storage space.

The trouble I cannot seem to do it and so I am wondering whether it is a limitation of the WD cloud app or whether it is an Android (access to to SD card) related issue.

Any ideas helpful folks.

It’s up to the the way your particular device handles SD cards. If needed, you can use a file manager to manually move files after they are downloaded. Some file managers will even let you access your WD My Cloud EX2 directly without the WD My Cloud App while on your local network.

Thanks for the response.

I don’t always have sufficient space on the internal memory of my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S), so would like to be able to download straight to the SD card.

I can access the NAS ok from my LAN & externally and can download whilst at home but sometimes it is good to be able to do this when somewhere else.

I am using the stock Android file manager on 6.1 so am wondering if it is the My Cloud app that is not capable of saving to the external SD card or whether it is a limitation of the Google Android software.