Download and Upload document option


WD 2go its really app on my ipad 2. The only downside is I can’t download my document files (doc,xls,ppt) to my ipad or upload it to my book live. I really need this option. Or maybe you can provide “open in” option, example “open in” DocToGo, pages, keynote,etc.

Thank you for your kind attention

I’ve looked for this as well. I thank these WD folks for getting the ap to this point.  If wd2go becomes identical in functionality to Dropbox, I’d gladly pay for the app.

Stay tuned.

I can’t wait - 3TB version sitting in my amazon cart waiting for the news! thanks!

Yes, if WD Mybook Live can play as DropBox upload and download in iPhone/ iPad , then it is very useful.   Currently only web access can allow PC/Mac to download/upload files with WD Mybook Live.   iPhone can just view but not extract it for other photos, e.g. extract one photo and use PS Express to perform some photo touching

staying tuned… any idea when it will possible to upload files ? are we talking days, weeks, months ?? :slight_smile: