Downgrading firmware

Hi all,

I bought a WD TV Live Hub this spring and until recently everything worked fine.

But now the live hub suddenly doens’t boot anymore.

When I power it on, the WD logo is displayed on the TV, but after a few seconds the TV loses signal.

After some more seconds, the WD logo on the live hub starts flashing and it powers down.

The power button on the live hub doens’t seem to work either.

I requested RMA but the replacement has EXACTLY the same problems.

I read that there are more people with the same problem, and some suggest it has something to do with the latest firmware version. So I want to try to downgrade the firmware. But how does that work?

II have downloaded a previous version of the firmware and placed it on a usb disk (pendrive).

But when I connect the usb disk and power the live hub on, it still does nothing new, it still doesn’t boot, but also won’t do anything with the usb disk. Since the live hub won’t boot, I can’t start the firmware downgrade using the menu…

It has nothing to do with firmware.  It’s a bad solder joint on the power button circuit board.

I cannot recommend this because it will void the reset of your warranty, but you can open the case and remove the power switch connector and the problem should disappear.   If it doesn’t, then you have a different problem.