Downgraded to 1.05. 6 TB now detected

1.06 could not detect 6 TB WD My Book. After downgrading hdd detected.

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tinuadmin, thank you very much for sharing your experience with the WD Community. This will likely assist other Users with a similar issue.


Your welcome.

Please try to fix external hdd problems before 8 or even 10 TB My Book comes out in a year or so. We are many people with special design thumbnails for wdtv - a lot of files for a great library for years to come. Please concentrate on the usb issue first. Than do streaming issues, or/and network issues.The wdtv has been around for like two years, and problems seem to stay close to every update. You can not do all at once. Please do what the little box originally was designed for - local connection to a My Book.