Downgraded from 3.01.19 and now Warning message appears when I boot/reboot and at other times

I upgraded to the most current firmware 3.01.19 but found out the this new firmware somehow is now not letting any sound for DTS, Dolby Digital in Stereo or passthru mode.  I have a Yamaha DSP-A! receiver that is capable of decoding  DTS and Dolby Digital.  Prior to the upgrade, My WD TV Live Hub was able to produce the DTS and Dolby Digital sound in both stereo and passthrough mode.  So I decided to downgrade from notes taken in this forum and from this link I found here.

I went 2 - 3 versions earlier and DTS and Dolby Digital sound is back in both Stereo and passthrough mode, however, everytime I boot, I get this warning that the player was replaced with a third party.  I did not change the player at all and only the sactioned firmware version taken from the link above.  Does anybody know how to get rid of this warning message.  I don’t think my WD Live Hub is toast as everything is functioning.  It is only this nagging Warning message that crops up once in a while but always when I boot the unit.

Have not seen this message before, I recommend you to contact WD support about this warning message.

Sounds like you installed the GPL firmware, not the official WD firmware.

What do you mean GPL?  Are those firmware pointed to by the URL I indicated GPL?  I did a reset and it seems that the nag seems to be gone, at least it does not show anymore when I turn off/turn on the unit.  Hope it stays that way.

I have a DSP-A1 as well and on 3.01.19 with audio being sent through optical, there is no Dolby Digital. In the Hub options, if I turn off Dolby Digital in optical passthru, I get audio, just in two channel.