Downgrade My Book Duo 16TB to 3TB. Possible?

I bought a My Book Duo 16TB. The person I bought it from, took the 2 x 8TB drives and replaced them with a WD 3TB and a WD 2TB.
Can I replace the 2TB with a 3TB and use it as 2 x 3TB?



According to the User’s manual. Page #78.
This should work but only if you use WD Green or Red drives.

Thanks, and yes, I’m getting WD red drives.

The manual doesn’t say anything about changing drives size.

You are correct.

The user manual says: “Replacement drives must be new, and the same
capacity as the drive that failed”

I recommend you contact WD Support for more information.

I did, but I haven’s heard anything from them.
That’s why I posted here.

Thank you!