Downgrade Firmware can we?

Is there a way to downgrade to previous firmware just like WD TV Live Hub? because i know new firmware are not perfect so we can revert back to previous version just like Live Hub.

On the MyBook Live it’s not advisable.

I don’t even think you can.  they were trying to do it with the my book world, but it wasn’t really working.

what if you didn’t like the new firmware that you upgraded? it gives you errors and bugs. what should you do? does reset solve anything? or wait for another firmware release which will take a couple of months again…

There lies a problem. I have a LaCie NAS and if an upgrade goes wrong it’s a VERY simple procedure to revert it back to it’s factory shipped firmware.

The transition from version 1 to version 2 I believe is quite significant and I suspect trying to apply a v1 firmware file over v2 firmware will quite likely brick the drive.  The firmware updates does seem to copy bits and pieces from the previous firmware version and I would hedge a 99.99999999999…(recurring)% bet that the Firmware designers didn’t cater for downgrades.

My advise is don’t allow fully automatic upgrades and when an update is released, have a look at other’s experiences. If you mess about with the NAS’s operating system then be it on ones’ one head.  Especially if anyone messes with aptitude to programs on and take programs off the MyBook Live.