Doubts about WDTVLH

First of all,i’m new to these boards,and i’m an owner of a precious “My Book Essentials 2TB”,working like a charm (with transfer speeds of 10-15MB on USB 3.0…yes,got a mother board with it and driver installed,but no additional tools like ASUS Turbo Boost coz i didnt noticed differences…i think)

My actual PC is a ASUS P8Z68-V PRO GEN3 motherboard,Intel I2500K 3,3Ghz NO OC,460GTX 1GB ,8GB DDR3 1333mhz and a WD Blue 1TB with Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 64bit (W7 is the main one i’m writting on at the moment). Router is Wireless and with,ofcourse,Ethernet ports…Can download up to 7MB and Upload around 60kb/s

I’ve got a few doubts about the WDTVLH,hope you guys can help me out…

My dad actually owns an Iomega screenplay multimedia 500GB drive,but it seems that some movies (DVDRIP) DOESNT LOADS for him…that,or,if it loads,might work nice or have some audio/video lag/struttering,but normally plays all…

The thing is he wants a neeeeew multimedia drive,quality,HDMI and the stuff…but ofcours,having 1TB…so i’ve been researching the net and saw the WD TV Live Hub 1TB at the FNAC store…it’s been like the most recommended drive for now

I KNOW that you CANT transfer files from PC TO TVLH WITH A USB CABLE because the TVLH’s HDD is set to MASTER…Note that,whenever i transfer stuff from my PC to my My Book, it goes at 10-15MB USB 3.0 (i know 2.0 is SLOWER)

The question is,based on the PC/Router specifications i gave out…

1.How fast would the transfer speed via Ethernet will be?..depending of a file being 1GB to 3GB around (7GB depending if BluRayRip)…im kinda asking for MB and ETA references

2.How fast the transfer speed would be by connecting my dad’s Multimedia drive (just has one folder inside called “Movies” with dozens of movie folders in it) to the TVLH’s USB port?..

3.Is it ok to upgrade the firmware to the latest version?..i’ve read in these boards that might give out problems
…but ofcourse,we want fixes…

4.I’ve read that there’s a way to make the TVLH’s booting faster by disabling an Auto-Sync function…is it true?..if so,does that means that whenever i connect the Ethernet cable with the TVLH being turned on (with the Auto-Sync OFF) will get into the drive’s movie folder without the need to detect stuff?..or how does it works?..i want a “Plug then transfer” way to do things like a traditional “My Book” style.

5.I’ve got an HDMI 1.3 cable…will it work for 1080p WITHOUT 3D?

6.Anything else i should know? can ask me stuff to complete these doubts out

Hope you guys understand my situation ^^;…aka “Wanna buy safely without probs or regrets”

  1. Around 10Mb/s top, usually 6Mb/s

  2. Same

  3. Yes

  4. Auto-Sync Off if you don´t want to synchronize plugged USB device with internal HDD, booting is unaffected

  5. Yes

  6. If you need good/cheap media player that will play almost everything (it doesn´t support 10bit h264, but so far no other player does) with internal HDD, get WD TV HUB

Good,thanks for the help =D…might buy it then

Oh yeah,i was wondering…can i update the WD TV Live Hub via Ethernet too?..via internet,not manual download or something *Shrugs*…i mean,it should share internet!

WD TV HUB…is WD TV Live Hub? XD…that’s the only thing shown on google and WD site Oo…correct me with a link if i am wrong ^^;…


and yes
you can update over network and also you can set it to get notification when new FW is available