Doubled and trippled up files


 anyone know the best way to check and remove **bleep** software… a couple of weeks ago after a winows xp reinstall due to virus infection

hope ive made myself clear on this lol

many thanks in advance


what is going on with the bad word filter on this forum ??? it should read doubled up files !!! like 3 lots of the same jpeg file or mp3 file…

Completely unclear I’m afraid, Ian.

You had a virus infection on a machine attached to the NAS, and now you’ve got many cases of “picture.jpg” having become “picture.jpg” and “picture(2).jpg” and “picture(3).jpg” ?

Forgivce me if I’m wrong - I don’t use windows myself - but isn’t this what happens if you mouse-o a collection of files back into their original location?

Whatever - it would seem that your NAS has bee instructed by something - be it mouse commands or other file-system commands - to do somethings to files on the device, and the NAS has done it. That’s it’s job.

That sounds like a manual clear-up job to me. There MAY be tools for ceaning up after this specific virus - again, I don’t do Windows, so I don’t know - but you’d need to have investigated that at the time of the infestation.

ok its quite simple really…

1.i have photos backed up on the nas drive

2  i get a virus and have to reinstall windows

3 in doing the reinstall obviously i have to also reinstall the nas drive associated software

4 when i did this it started to back up again now i suspect i have 2 or three copies of my files on the nas drive

as the nas drive says i have used around 120gig (880 gig free) and ive only got a 40 gig drive on my pc !!! (so i couldnt have backed up more than 40 gig could i )

using the android wd app  i can see lots of photos with 2 or three the same (copies)

so i need to run something that will check and erase doubled up files

is that clearer ???

Yes, considerably clearer.

You’ve done several full backups of one (or more) computer onto the MBWE, and the backup software has dutifully saved each file (Photo-001.jpg, Photo-002.jpg … ) the first time it was run, then a second copy of each file (Photo-001(1).jpg, Photo-002(1).jpg … ) the second time it was run. Lather/ rinse/ repeat as many times as necessary for the number of files and the number of times you ran a full backup.

I was barely aware that the MBWE (and relatives) came with backup software, but I would guess that it does. You’ll need to RTFM for that software, whatever it is, to familiarise yourself with the difference between a “full backup” and an “incremental backup” (these are standard terminology ; I don’t know what software is provided with the MBWE, and it is possible that this uses different words for the same ideas).

From what you say, you expected that you’d be performing a full backup once, then multiple incremental backups.

But in fact, you sound like you have done multiple full backups.

The software *may* include tools for disentangling from this situation. Or it may not. The manual will inform you. Otherwise, you have the ultimate option of performing each of the multiple restores to a spare drive (or ocmputer ; whatever) and then manually disentangling it. At least you’ve got what the backup software thinks is multiple versions of each file. This is not a bad situation.

You need to get to be more familiar with your backup-and-restore software system. If you’ve got time and equipment, practice on a scrap system ; if not, be extremely careful. Systems administration (the job you seem to have been given, even if that’s not how it was phrased) is not a simple task.

didnt really help i spose !!!

anyone else ???