Double tracks on iTunes

Hi guys,

I have MyBookLiveDuo(6TB). Recently I started to  add my CD’s on iTunes library. All my CD content goes to Public/Shared Music folder. Everything goes great until one moment - I’ve look at my library and there shows my audio truck, but two times each. It’s not happening  on all albums. One of those songs is not workingAny ideas where is the problem.

Please see attached image:

Seriously? Nobody?

Try to refresh your playlist. By the way, files that have exclamation point with them are either deleted or you moved them to a different location. Try to command+click and and then show in finder. Check if the music files are still in that location if not refresh again your playlist or itunes. Scan again the folders.

I 'm not using playlist, so i’m nothing to refresh. And i’m unable to  get “show on finder”, because this is network drive, and iTunes not giving me that option. See image :

More ideas?

Try this link,

No. It’s not solution. See image :


There is no shown in itunes support? 

Really? Nobody can answer me???

OK, just download this application

It’s not a solution, this programm not work with network library, just local.

So nobody can tell me where is the problem?