DOS style folder name

Having issues with wdcloud.
I use two laptops, one phone, one iPad to access my cloud.
The laptops both have wdmycloud desktop app installed and logged in on the same account.

Files are coming up duplicated and timestamped.

Folders are coming up in 8 character DOS style I.e.
Instead of “Folder Name”

I can see the DOS name via my phone, the iPad, direct via Windows explorer to the NAS.

If I delete this DOS folder then the normal folder contents disappear from one of the computers, this then snowballs and syncs to wdcloud and I lose all files. Getting worried as I may lose important business stuff now.

The DOS folder doesn’t contain all the normal folder files either.

Help please!

If I remember my DOS days … DOS is a 8.3 format for files and folders. You can do a Google search for DOS limitations to get the whole story.

Exactly, DOS only allows 8 characters for each folder or folder name.

Why would the system generate this folder?