Dos lifeguard doesn't discover all drives

I’m running Data Lifeguard for DOS from a USB stick to run diagnostics on my WD drives.

The harddisks are connected to the SATA ports of the Q77 chipset like so:

#0: Samsung SSD

#1: WD RED 3TB *

#2: WD RED 3TB *

#3: WD RED 3TB *

#4: WD RED 3TB

#5: WD RED 3TB

Only the three disks marked with * are available to select for test in Lifeguard’s menu.

How can I make it let me select the two other disks on port 4 and 5?




By any chance, do you have those drives on a RAID?

The WD REDs on port #1-#4 are a RAID array, the WD RED on port #5 is a non-RAIDed disk.

When running Lifeguard booted from FreeDOS on a USB, I’ve also tried setting SATA Mode in BIOS to IDE (instead of RAID), with the same result.

All in all it seems Lifeguard is not affected by the RAID. It correctly picks up the three first drives making up the RAID array independent of RAID setting, and fails to pick up the last RAID disk and the non-RAID disk.

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