Don't WD update their IOS app?

I’ve got loads of apps on my Iphone and they all seem to receive an update to improve the performance and ease of use. The WD icloud app is the only one that has not had an update since I’ve install the app over 2-3 months ago. I’m hoping that an update will allow for MKV streaming and not just mp4. Also to incorporate airplay in the app for obvious reasons.


Are you referring to any specific app? Or just in general?

Regarding the WD My Cloud Desktop app for Mac, it was updated on 7/28/2014.

WD Photos was Updated: Aug 04, 2014

I was referring to the IOS app for Idevices.

Ok, the last update for that one was on Jun 12, 2014. Until further notice, that application still being supported. However, we are not able to confirm when WD will be release an update.