Dont upgrade to the latest software!

I have just this moment updated to the latest firmware and software for mybook.  Don’t! After an error message during the upgrade process my PC suddenly rebooted loosing me work. It then restarted and mybook will not boot up.

I followed the upgrade instructions to the letter. My Mybook is less than 2 weeks old.  The older software worked fine :cry:

Im having the exact issue…what will WD do to resolve it?

This is very upsetting since I cannot extract my work from the external drive now

I’ve come to the conclusion with softeware updates that unless it’s a security issue I started moving to IF AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT. After my video card died I found out that one of the new drivers they issued messed up the fan speeds. So since then I wait a while and see if there are problems before blindly updating. And if things work fine and there is no major change I leave things alone.