Don't understand the audio setting

Ok, i will try to explain the problem i have… or what i don’t understand.

This is my setup: WD TV Live HD (gen3) with HDMI to my TV (tv 47") and optical audio to my home theater. Most of the time i listen movie to my TV, but sometime I listen movie with my home theater.

The main problem is sometime I have no audio… probably when my movie has only DTS sound. So i choose in the audio option “Stereo”, otherwise no audio to my TV. But if i leave this option, optical too is stereo.

So you see the problem i have: each time I want listen a movie in my home theater, i need to change the audio setting to “Digital pass-through via Optical only” to get a 5.1 surround, but nothing from the TV.

I want to know if there is a possibility to have Stereo via HDMI and 5.1 via Optical all the time, instead going to change the option each time i want to listen a movie on my TV or my home theater?


I don’t believe audio output can be to both HDMI (TV) and stereo (digital pass-through).  You have to pick one or the other at the moment.  It would be nice to be able to output to both.  I leave mine on digital pass-through as I use it for movies and all movies are surround sound, so the amp would be on for those.  Also, use Tune-In quite a bit and have it playing through the stereo.