Don't see .flacs on other drive

I got my WDTV hub earlier this week. I’ve been able to transfer  a few photos from a networked Mac laptop.

On another network XP laptop I can see it as a media server–not a networked computer. Don’t know if that matters or if it is normal.

I would like to transfer a handful of HiRes Flac albums I have on that laptop to the HD on the hub and play them from there.

The lit says the hub supports flac files.

However, the Hub can’t see the folders with the flac files.

It see the .wav and if I change the extension to a .wav of a flac file it will see it too.

So, Is there some setting somewhere I just haven’t figured out?

Or  any ideas would be appreciated.


Have you tried to copy the files using a USB hard drive? Have you also tried using WDlink to map the wdtv shared folder?

No haven’t tried just plain copying from a direct connection.

Seemed fruitless since the WD Hub see s the folder and other files, but worth a shot I guess.

I don’t know what WDlink is, did I miss that somewhere?

Are you sugeesting mapping (which I must say, I don’t really know what that is)  the WDTV shared folder(s) I may see on the laptop that has the .flac files ?

(networking is new and mysterious to me, I admit)

Thanks for the ideas !!