Don't see external disk, connected to WD TV Live, on my Windows 7 PC


I have the following problem. I’ve got WD TV conected wirelessly to the network. Youtube, Facebook etc. are working fine. Then, I have an external WD disc, connected to WD TV via USB. I would like to be able to access it from my PC. On a laptop with Windows XP installed, I’ve ran the WD Link software, it detected WD TV and external disk and I could easily map it.

I can also access all the data on the external disk, without any problems.

On Windows XP computer, WD TV is also seen in my Workgroup.

But on all the Windows 7 PCs, it isn’t. WD Link also doesn’t detect nor the WD TV nor the external disk.


The only sign that WD TV is connected to the network, seen on Windows 7 PC, is the network map.

Zajeta slika.PNG

Other then that, I also don’t see shared folders from computer (even the one with XP!) on TV, when I choose “Network shares” as data source (altough I realize the two problems probably aren’t directly connected).

I really, REALLY hope someone can help.

Regards, Ziga

Have you enable the option Network Share Server in the WD TV? This needs to be on, in order for you to access any drive connected to the WD TV.

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