Don't Rely on WD Hard Drives!

Unfortunately, Western Digital became useless in Egypt because their technical support there is very disappointing and the same in other non European countries!

There are thousands of complains about manufacturing defects and serious problems in new hard disks and their authorized distributers do not bother or even respond to the complains !!

I have recently encountered with them when I contacted their representative branches in Egypt about a malfunctioning hard drive and - as usual - they didn’t respond back and when I contacted the Global Technical Support; somebody responded once then vanished !!!

This is despite the fact that my newly purchaized hard drive has a registered serial number at WD website and has a valid warranty till July 2016 and they ran away and even has never asked me to bring the drive to their service to check it !!!

This company has lost a great portion of market share specifically in non western countries !!

I’m just one who can write in English among thousands in my area about what this company does in Egypt after they have all become deaf, dumb & blind about our complains!!

We may be losing little money buying their hard drives but they will lose a hill of money by ruining their old image!!!



Welcome to the WD Community, we appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with your device, as this is not the typical or intended experience with the product and provided support. We have passed your case to support, please check your private messages.

Thank you for trying to help despite the fact that WD doesn’t want to help!!

Today a technician from their official distributer in Egypt called up saying that if I want a replacement under warranty I have to pay its custom duties and also pay the cost of shipping the new one!!!

Now after considering all the expenses involved; I found that it will be better for me to buy a new hard drive which will never ever be a WD!!

That is the warranty they give!!!

That is the Technical Support they declare!!!


Our “official” distributors for Egypt are either ETE Europe or FDC International.  ETE handles internal drives, while FDC handles both, but mostly External drives.  If the distributor isn’t one of those two then it’s not an official distributor.  They’re both in Cairo, so I don’t know why you would need to pay customs. 

Internal Drives
24 Gamal Dewedar st.
Nasr City, Cairo
Phone: +20.2.2670.5477 Ext: 122
Fax: +20.2.2670.1374 


FDC International
Internal Drives and Branded
No.28 Atiaa EL Soalhy St
from Makram Abed St
in front of EL Serag Mall 3
second floor, flat No (3)
Nasr City, Cairo
Phone: +20.2.2670.3089

I agree completely. The idea of a cloud in your home is for ease of use and this white plastic box reminds me of buying a cheep knock off which plays upp all  the time and is more trouble than juggling removable hard drives. WD you have let your customers down big time and I dont just mean in Egypt!