Don't know what I'm doing. Have erased the drive (intentionally) and cannot get software back

If anyone can help, most appreciated.

Got the WD My Passport SE for windows today. I started backing up my system only to realise that it’s not really what I want to do. Couldn’t seem to just delete what had already backed up and after looking through the manual, I found that the answer was to Erase the drive in drive settings. I read that all software, including the password protection and the SmartWare software would be erased to, but that I only had to go to to reinstall this. So I erased everything. Then went to the site. Under this model, it says there are no drivers or software for installation listed.

  I don’t really care too much about all the back up options but I do want the password protection.

Any ideas? Thanks.

here is the link for the software