Don't have New Message button/link at specific category - why?

Just registered because I have a question about an internal WD drive I purchased. Go to the Internal Drives section of this forum and there is no New Message button/link there. Why?

When I open a thread, it appears as if I can reply to post there but right now I can’t start a thread. Note that I’ve tried this with both Chrome and Firefox.

Is the protocol to start a thread here and have the moderator move it to the appropriate section?

Which forum?  If it’s in the Archives, then you won’t have a new message button.  They are only for research.

The Internal Drives forum (or section).

What’s interesting is from my work PC, I am getting the New Message button (using Firefox). But when I sign in and go back to that forum it’s not there.

I’m going to sign out and see if that behavior replicates.

Nope, New Message button is not there and I’m not going to restart Firefox to see if that fixes this problem.

Can you give me the link to the forum you are trying to post in?


If you went to the Internal Drives category, you won’t be able to post there.  That’s just a category housing the forums.  You would need to go to one of the forums in it.  Most likely you’re looking for this forum…

Figured it out while you were replying and started my thread. Thanks for your attempt to help though.

When I clicked the Internal Drives link, it took me to the page that had 2 sections: “Community” with a couple of items and “Latest Posts” with about a half-dozen items. There is no New Message button on this page.

Underneath the “Latest Posts” is a “View All” link. When I clicked on this to see if there were any threads that might address my situation, I got a full page of threads but this too did not have the New Message button. This was where I was getting stuck.

Since my previous post, I backed up and selected one of the items under “Community”. Surprise: I got a page of threads AND the New Message button. My suggestion to avoid future discussion on this topic is that on the category’s home page to add a note at the bottom of the “Community” section stating:

“Click on one of the forums above to review threads in that forum and to start a new thread if necessary”

Thanks Sparty_82,

I’m glad you figured it out.  Your recommendation is a good one.  I’ll see what I can figure out to do.