Don't give up on Dead Drive

I thought that my My Book Home Edition 750 GB was dead after I turned on PC as I got just a little click and no lights and nothing recognised on the PC .

I was then frantically looking up the Net for Help and fearing that I would be up for $100s of Dollars for Recovery, then I plugged in my old reliable Elements 50GB Drive and got the same response so I then thought it may have been the USB Cable causing the Problem and Low and Behold it was now both Drives are churning along nicely.

This little exercise however has taught me 1 Lesson remember to Backup the Backup just in Case. Hope this may be of help to at least 1 person out there.:womanvery-happy:

Glad you figured it out.  However, as a reminder, you must know that a backup isn’t a backup until it’s the second set of files being saved.

Lucky you Mr. HeartbeatOZ… lucky you.

I wish I could blame my USB 2.0 cable Part Number 4064-705050-002- AC Lot Number TRDSHE091309013A of being the culprit in my case, buuuuutt (big BUT) I also used it with a beloved WD pink passport from the old times and IT WORKS:

Also used a couple of hi quality USB 2.0 and 1.0 cables and nothing. Nada. So, lucky you Mr. H.  :robottongue: