Do'nt buy a WD Black² Dual Drive

I have a WD Black² Dual Drive, but I can not clone my Win8.1 to this drive.

Acronis Ture Image WD Edition showed that “Your need 0 bytes of free disk space available on the target hard drive to … Please exclude more files or folders, then try again.”  I have sought for help by both using telephone and uploading the error screenshot to WD’s supporting site [Deleted]. But their reply,  “Your computer’s hard disk capacity is larger than your original capacity WD Black ?, it is not complete clone.”, did not provide any help. WD%20black2%20problem.png

Hi that drive is really 2 drive’s in one the ssd portion of the drive is 120 gig so you can not clone any more than that to it. Once windows is installed and you install the black software then you see the 1Tb part of the drive have a look here.,504


You did not see that the screenshot shows that the system disk has only 74.1GB. All other disks have been excluded and there are  37.7GB free space on the SSD.