Don't bother with wifi

I bought my second WD TV Live Hub two weeks ago and have been trying to get it “online” with wifi adapters since then.  I bought the exact same wifi adapter that I am using on my first unit and it did not work. I bought a D-Link DWA-160 and it did not work.  And I now that I know why, I am posting this to save anyone new to the board a whole lot of grief.

Pay careful attention to the hardware version number of the wifi adapter you want to use on your WD TV Live Hub.  The adapter I bought for my first  unit was a TP Link TP-WN723 v2 and the second one was v3.  The DWA-160 adapter i bought was vB2 while the recommended unit was vA2.  If it does not exactly match the list that WD issues, it will NOT work.

The hardware versions are coming out faster than WD can test and post.  Save yourself a whole lot of trouble and hardwire your network connection.  Don’t have/can’t run network cables everywhere?  Use a poweline adapter and put an ethernet connection within a few feet of your WD TV Live Hub.  I purchased the D-Link AV500 and had the WD up and running in less than 5 minutes.  Buying a wifi adapter is hit or miss when it comes to the WD TV Live Hub

I do not understand why WD will not build in a wifi adapter built into the hardware - espcially when they put one in the WD Live TV. A built-in wifi adapter would make these units complete and may even improve transfer rates for loading and/or syncing.

Good luck out there.


Old news to us who have been here a while.

Valid points none the less, but personally I would go with Hard wired all the time anyway with a media device, as personally I have found that trying to stream anything other than Avi files over networks in a wireless enviroment is a waste of time, no matter who makes the device.

In WDs favour though, I suppose it must be hard to keep up with every wireless device, surely something other than a revision number must change, so how could they keep up ? It’s ok with devices like PCs as usually you have a install file with any files in it. Just my thoughts anyway.

Agreed.  Wireless would have been so much easier.  I am glad I ran the wires though.  Much faster copying a movie over to it…

Want to add to the confo though - I needed a 4th Live Hub for my house (my wife finally watched me use my box and wanted it for herself…).  Anyway - priced them out and they are no longer cheap.  I thought “hey, why not get one with no drive and do it myself - they’re simple enough” - nope, can’t buy one + 1TB drive cheaper than one already put together.  Maybe a 500GB model?  They’re only $30 cheaper - for $30 I’d rather have the extra 500GB.  Fact is the drive is ~ 1/2 the cost of these units.  For a while you could pick up a Live Hub for about the same cost as a 1 TB notebook drive.  For me I’m glad they’ve built in wired gigabit connection rather than a built in wireless chip as I think it would have been one or the other.