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Is there any key combination that will eventually stop the boot process? like the repeated “1” in EX2? (never tried but found another EX2 post that mentioned it.

Was able to connect to a router using the FT board so “initially” I may discard a board issue. Im wondering if the Tx pin of the PR4100 is actually sending any signal. I only have a digital multimeter for testing, I see ping in 3.3v but sensitivity is not enough to catch any variation. any other suggestion on how to test if Tx is at least changing levels? maybe using a led with a resistor to GND but being a 115200 b port Im not sure if changes will be visible.

I guess my checker script doesn’t compensate for alignment errors (size should be multiple of 4 bytes).
Add padding like this:

with open(img, 'rb') as fi, open(img+'.sign', 'wb') as fo:
    data =
    check = 0
    # prepare header
    fo.write('\x00' * 2048)
    while data:
        data = data.ljust(4, '\0')   # added extra padding
        check ^= struct.unpack('<I', data)[0]
        data =

    ln = struct.pack('<I', os.path.getsize(img))
    ck = struct.pack('<I', check)

    # fill in header
    print 'len', ln.encode('hex'), os.path.getsize(img)
    print 'chk', ck.encode('hex')

If the checksum is wrong, use rjust instead.
EDIT: low memory version… the read at the end was dirty code :slight_smile:
EDIT2: but the small writes may be slower… in that case revert to the fo.write(

AMD related params may be irrelevant as it’s an intel processor.
Please add DVB drivers as a module to allow recording with TVHeadend / TV mosaic / … and some extra usb devices e.g. keyboard.
EDIT: I see… you didn’t include modules here :slight_smile:

While SMB1 is insecure and not recommended, sometimes it’s the only option to get your older hardware (e.g. printer, scanner) to work with OS3.
Another example is Kodi on Android:

Sometimes you get issues with downloaded binaries complaining about the outdated libc.
You may use patchelf to get around this problem. Example

I’ll only stop reading when you stop writing in this thread.
Fascinating reading your observations.
Get this pkged up with updated modules, samba, ssh dashboard etc, and I may just pick up a PR4100, compile your sources with updated configs and go with your improved version. Been burnt too bad with the EX2 / EX2 Ultra, so I’m heavily favouring the competition right now.

New Release - My Cloud Firmware Versions 2.31.149 (10/19/18)

I’ve contacted WD about this and they’ve applied this patch in the firmware release, you’ll find it in the samba source code in Open_Source_packages.
I’ve tested it myself with this and I can confirm it’s closed.
Note that the version number remained the same, which is why your security test complains about the samba version.

GPL packages for the new release usually come within a week.

We’re working to release GPL for 2.31.149 ASAP!
Thanks for your patience

Is it possible that the firmware upgrade enabled the Cloud Access?
I don’t recall enabling it myself…

@dswv42 the firmware does not execute files from the data partition, hence it is not necessary to add the noexec limitation to the shares. They’d risk breaking some customer workflows that rely on it.

Latest Firmware’s GPL source code is released.

I need to give me a copy.

Dear @dswv42

Did you manage to investigate why this device won’t go to sleep?

I’ve done so much troubleshooting and disabled everything! factory reset, hard drive replacement and format… (using one WD Red).
I also replaced my router in case it cause some wakeup…

the device never go to sleep! hard drive is sleeping after 30 minutes but for 10 minutes only! then it wakes up. I’m searching for weeks how to solve this issue… I’m desperate. thinking to switch to QNAP/Asustor if I won’t find a solution :frowning:


mine too. everything is disabled and still every 30 minutes the HDD spins
and the NAS itself never goes to standby mode :frowning:

I thought it’s cronjob:
*/30 * * * * /usr/sbin/quota_monitor &

but even after i disable it, the device is not going to sleep

How were you able to get the paging to work? It would be great if you could share your code changes. I’ve been looking at the source and couldn’t quickly find what’s breaking this.
Is the original project still available?
Any additional info you can provide will be very helpful.

Replacing it … with what?


Thanks for reporting your My Cloud dashboard password brute force results.
The current implementation addresses simple DoS, directory and enumeration attacks by allowing 1000 tries within a 10 minute window before access is blocked.
We are currently evaluating further reducing the number of allowed retries in a future release.

My Cloud Team


Does the MCU include things like spinning the disks up and down? Forgive my ignorance! Then it would be tested specifically for various hard disks I suppose?